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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety Disorders and Depression

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CBT for you!

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"I have been speaking to Lisa for some time now, and have found the whole experience very helpful.


She is a very kind and thoughtful person, and this makes her very easy to talk to.


I found that when I had a stressful time approaching it was nice to have someone to discuss it with,  before and after the event. We could then discuss how to deal with issues that had occurred, and stop them from recurring. She also gave me confidence to try things and have faith in myself that I could achieve them.


I am now feeling so much better and back to my old self. So although at the moment I do not feel the need for anymore counselling, I would not hesitate to get back in touch with Lisa should the need ever arise in the future."


(May 2016)

"Before my sessions with Lisa, I never felt like I had full control over my mental health. The biggest gain has been able to feel comfortable with my anxiety and depression, and that came from accepting it as part of my life, and this has made coping with it so much easier.

When I am feeling low or anxious, I now have my own "tool box", to deal with situations thanks to Lisa's empathetic, understanding and logical approach to mental health. I would definitely recommend Lisa, to others suffering from mental health problems.Agenda:"


(July 2016)

"I was pointed in the direction of Lisa for CBT therapy from Anxiety UK after developing health anxiety as a result of numerous bereavements in my family, particularly the passing of my dad due to cancer. I completed 12 phone call sessions with Lisa and as a result of the therapy I can confidently say that it has changed my life. After suffering from irrational thoughts and intense panic attacks which resulted in me being signed off as unfit to attend work. Lisa has helped me build my own tools to help control my attacks and challenging thoughts that I have around health related problems and techniques to control my attacks when they take place. I can honestly say that CBT therapy has changed both my life and also my outlook. Lisa is very understanding and extremely easy to talk to which also helps the process of CBT. If you are having similar symptoms as I did I would highly recommend to reach out to Lisa… you will not look back!"


(May 2017)

"Working with you [Lisa] has been a continual help, and though progress through anxiety disorders is often slow and confusing, it has been an overall steady and full improvement out of how bad I felt. I was honestly sceptical about CBT at the start, but it is such a useful tool to have learnt, and it has taught me so much about myself that I can take with me for the rest of my life. Thanks again, it's been so lovely to talk to you over the phone, I feel like it's flown by so quick. I think having no OCD anxiety will mean I can savour things more, and I can fill the time spent ruminating with so much more."


(May 2017)

"From the very start, Lisa was compassionate, understanding and offered a place where I could be utterly myself knowing that all was in total confidence.  I needed a resolution, and clarity, both of which I got.  I also needed direction and to find a way to move on and shed past 'stuff'.  This CBT does brilliantly and Lisa guided me through the process never too fast, never too slow but spot on.  I would highly recommend seeing Lisa if things are just getting too much and you need a warm hearted and clear approach to moving forward in your life"


(July 2017)

"Thank you so much for all your support I am really grateful for you helping me to see things differently and being able to take that step back before reacting. It has helped me become the mam I want to be and all the information you have given me will help keep me on the right track if I ever feel like I am needing extra support. I feel confident in my own abilities and I am looking forward to having happy and stress free days".

September 2017




"Even though I have relapsed, CBT with Lisa has given me the tools to see my current situation for what it is. Having the ability to detect my negative thinking habits, is incredibly empowering. I 100% believe I will be able to get through my current difficult situation and that is down to Lisa...prior to therapy I would have felt completely hopeless, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

February 2018





"Lisa was an excellent therapist, she struck the perfect balance between giving me the tools and letting me work things out for myself.  Therapy is hard, but I actually looked forward to our sessions. Always friendly and knowledgeable, Lisa greatly helped me through CBT therapy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone"

February 2018



"When I had my first appointment with Lisa I was very anxious, with all sorts of serious health issues going on , some genuine and some just in my head. I was also anxious about CBT and what would be involved.

Lisa immediately put me at ease, her calm manner and support has really helped me through a very difficult period of my life and I am truly grateful to her for all the support, advice and tools that I can use in the future to help me deal with similar health issues.

Despite my Physical health not improving, I feel much better as I can deal with everyday life without seeing everything as a threat and becoming anxious.

I have finished therapy and now have a “keeping well” plan that I can use in the future if the need arises.


Thank you Lisa, I am truly grateful"


April 2018"

It was an absolute pleasure to receive therapy from Lisa, as she was so understanding, kind and was a brilliant therapist. One in which you’d be lucky to have, as her technique and patience made me feel relaxed and very calm. This allowed me, in my opinion to reach my goal of becoming less anxious of my fear rather quickly, due to me being able to talk about all my worries and not feel like I’m being judged. For me this was perfect, as I was initially quite scared at the start.


August 2018


July 2018

I was referred to Lisa via Anxiety UK after a particularly desperate spell of anxiety and depression. From my first contact with Lisa I instantly was put at ease due to her lovely manner as she is very easy to talk to and very understanding and empathetic.


Lisa would suggest alternative ways of looking at things as well as offering other strategies to try and then I could choose which were most effective for me. Sessions would always start off with a recap of where things were up to which was useful and then I was always offered the opportunity to specifically focus on what I wished. This was useful also as Lisa would then work through any issues I wanted to discuss so that we could put into practise one of the strategies so I would know how to action them when on my own. I do feel that anxiety and depression will be a continuous battle for me but I now feel better equipped to manage those feelings and I felt significantly better after my sessions with Lisa than I did at the beginning. I now have ways in which to cope better and am able to view things differently – thank you Lisa


July 2018



"Working with Lisa has been such a lovely experience, she has approached each session with kindness and encouragement and has always made me feel heard and understood. As a results of our sessions I feel that I have made so much progress and have got to a place that I didn't think would be possible. I'm incredibly grateful for Lisa and would recommend her to anyone struggling or feeling like they need support." September 2019